Saturday, May 18, 2013

Action from the heart

I have noticed in my life and in the life of people around me that most often, when someone takes a stand, there is usually another individual around who takes the exact opposite stand. For example, one spouse wants to be environmentally friendly. This triggers the other to deliberately make more waste. I call such an opposing action the dual action. The issue is then normally resolved by the use of force and other such things.

But, there is another space within us. If action emerges from that space, then I have observed that the dual action is not sharp and confrontational. Instead, it is softer and lends itself a lot more to dialogue and co-action. Such an action, I call action from the heart.

The efficacy of this and importance of this can be realised easily by observing the emergence of the dual action and its intensity. The dual action need not only be outside. It can also emerge within in the form of debilitating fear and self doubt when we want to embark on something. But, when action emerges within the heart, even if there is fear, there is some kind of strong possibility of working with. This is from my experience.

The route to the heart though is not a linear progress. One has to work steadily for many years on the various dimensions of ones life. Gradually and steadily, action emerges from the heart and one becomes strongly rooted there. Life becomes smoother and wholesome! May we all be blessed with that!

PS: Emerged from a conversation with a dear friend

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