Friday, September 26, 2014

Some questions to ponder

Here are some wonderful questions that the Mahabharatha asks and provides a framework which people can use to discover their answers for themselves. Feeling the need to seriously engage with all of these!

  1. What is happiness/ unhappiness?
  2. What is health / sickness?
  3. What is pleasure/ pain?
  4. What is wealth / poverty?
  5. What is truth / untruth?
  6. In what relation mind exists in the body?
  7. What is nature of sex pleasure?
  8. What kind of energy is sex?
  9. What are conditions in which it flourishes ?
  10. What are the conditions in which it dies?
  11. What is violence?
  12. From where does violence arise?
  13. What kind of relation is there between what one does and thinks and what one becomes?
  14. What is it freedom / bondage?
  15. Who is wise / fool?
  16. What is it to be saint?
  17. What is pilgrimage?
  18. Why did a thing the way it happened?
  19. Is one free to make what one is or is one determined by some other force : fate or God?
  20. What is right ordering of one’s relationship with one self and with others?
  21. What relation does it have with time and place?
  22. What is governance?
  23. What  are  its  foundation?
  24. What is order / disorder?
  25. What relation they have with time and place?
  26. What is death?
  27. What is that which is deathless?

From the first chapter of the book "The Mahabharata - An enquiry in the human condition" by Mr Chaturvedi Badrinath.

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