Sunday, July 29, 2007


Suddenly came up with a statement and a paragraph on two different subjects. I liked them and hence they found their way here :).

Poetry is in the mind of the reader.

Is there pleasure in loneliness? Can lonely greatness ever be better than lowly togetherness? Can the sun be seen at midnight? Does nature create anything for/by/of itself? No quark is alone, neither is an electron, neither is an atom, neither is a molecule, neither is any life form, neither is any society, neither is any country, neither is any planet, neither is any star, neither is any galaxy and neither is any universe. The 'yin' has the seed of the 'yang' in itself and so does the 'yang' contain the seed of the 'yin'. Neither can the 'yin' exist without the 'yang' nor can the 'yang' exist without the 'yin'. There is no 'shakthi' without 'shiva' and there is no 'shiva' without 'shakthi'. Do we even need to debate this?

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Naveen said...

poetry also lies in the hearts of the beholder