Monday, September 10, 2007

Planet Earth and Human beings

The earth is like a laboratory, material in its being, and taking its own evolution to move, balance or rest.

Human beings are the highest evolution of Nature given the sixth sense to understand, percept, enjoy and reason what am I doing here?

While any material has a beginning and end, its not for the spirit inside. The attachment of spirit to material-being brings it again to the material world, else to something else which humans can find through spirituality.

We should know the basics of our being and then things will form in the Natures will and not human will. Hope this can answer the reason behind the human evolution.


Naveen said...

hi da, how do u say that the animals (those lowly beasts! :p) are less "evolved" than us? this is a commonly held veiw and am curious to know the basis behind this. sometimes i wonder if its man's perceptual lens that is coloured here..

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

Hi naveen,

This is what I think.

Animals have to beleive its instinct, I dont think it has a will to go against its instinct.

We have a "will" to be or go against the instinct, also to pry for "something". This prying might be outside, inside or both, material, spiritual or both.

I see here a choice which animals don't have. I guess this choice given to humans is the evolution of nature.

I dont guess animals reasons out the being of self itself, and it lives and dies, while humans do reason out.

If you accept that humans are highest form of natures evolution, I only see the purpose of this will/choice is only to understand the reason behind this evolution and nothing much.

While I dont say that only humans can love while animals dont have and stuffs. While I could say that we have one extra handle called "choice".

In this material laboratory, what you choose is all yours, material or freedom.

we can disuss more. keep commenting.


Naveen said...

hi sarav,

this notion of "choice" that we seem to have and the animals dont, could well be our illusion right? what if they they too actually have this choice but display it ways we cannot perceive? i feel this superiority could easily be man having crowned himself king..

Saravanan Mathialagan said...


We could step down from this human superiority and definitely perceive them too to have all the qualities human beings have.

But its not this domination im trying to talk about, definitely not.

This fine tuning of intelligence, and so on given to human beings for what? is the answer I'm trying to reason out ..

The reason for this evolution in my own ideas is only self realization and nothing else.

hmm .. might be animals do realize the self, might be .. you know .. but as of now, we human animals should reason ourself for this existense right.

Partha said...

From my recent experiences of arguing with people (and of working in a theoretical field), I have realized one thing. Its pretty difficult to find a logical description of intuition and convince someone else of ones intuition with it. Usually does not lead anywhere. I guess this is whats happening...

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

See da, this is not any argument. Also what you tell about intiutions are temporary, just reflecting your present state of mind.

Truth is one, either me or naveen will realize whats the reality behind.

Also speaking or arguing about the intiutions can only take to truth. I guess we all had enough arguments to accept something right ..

lets keep travelling ..

Naveen said...

yes sarv and parth, lets keep walking..