Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Spirits Irrebellious

Full moon
clothed in orange
almost shy,
hiding behind clouds
rises, in effortless elegance,
from the sea below,
dry and untouched
by those furious waves!

Few eyes
care to notice,
despite its beautiful juxtaposition
by the side of
a dilapidated white building
on a wide beach
filled with people
entirely wet; touched by
the ravages of time!

This immensity
is capable and willing
to edge every heart
into that eternity,
which is not entangled,
in the causal web,
that emerges
from that spider
also known as time!

Sleep walkers,
caught in
imaginary & transitory parts
of the great unseen web all around,
are oblivious,
to the orange disc in the sky,
and that all pervading one!

And sadly,
neither are the rebellious!
for space in the heart
to hold all pairs of opposites
is essential
to set one free!
to notice the Orange moon!

Raw energy,
bountifully they possess;
the rebellious.
but is directed outward!
they notice the full moon
occasionally, for sure!
But, end up,
like the little blue beetle
which by its very struggle
gets caught deeper in the web!

Meaningful rebellion,
eliminates all
illusory self/world views!
leads to the discovery,
of that secret ocean within -
the seat of the non-dual turtle,
the wellspring of ceaseless energy!

On contact,
waters the inner seed
which arises gloriously,
like the orange moon,
dry and untouched
by furious thought waves,
that is merely the surface
of a far far deeper reality!
Spirits Irrebellious!

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