Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Do not disagree
Nothing is more fatal for disagreement and dissent than the idea that all of it can be reduced to hidden sub-texts or external agendas. You may be a supporter of Bt brinjal or nuclear energy. But you ought to worry if we became a culture in which no one was spooked after Fukushima, or suspicious of data on agricultural technologies. The idea that anyone who disagrees with my views must be the carrier of someone else’s subversive agenda is, in some ways, deeply anti-democratic. It does away with the possibility of genuinely good faith disagreement. It denies equal respect to citizens because it absolves you from taking their ideas seriously. Once we have impugned the source, we don’t have to pay attention to the content of the claims.

IPS officer crushed to death by mining mafia in Madhya Pradesh

Prabhakaran’s son was killed in cold blood by Lankan forces?
ரௌத்திரம் பழகு!
Practice righteous anger!

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