Friday, November 09, 2012

Some Buddhist poetry I liked


Wandering for alms -
weak, leaning on a staff,
with trembling limbs -
I fell down right there on the ground.
Seeing the drawbacks of the body,
my mind was then set free.

Calmed, restrained,
giving counsel unruffled,
he lifts off evil states of mind -
as the breeze,
a leaf from a tree.

See this:
the discernment
of the Tathagatas,
like a fire ablaze in the night,
giving light, giving eyes,
to those who come,
subduing their doubt.

My hut is roofed, comfortable,
free of drafts;
my mind, well-centered,
set free.
I remain ardent.
So, rain-deva.
Go ahead & rain.

Just as a fine thoroughbred steed,
with swishing tail & mane
runs with next-to-no effort,
so my days & nights
run with next-to-no effort
now that I've gained a happiness
not of the flesh.

Who scatters the troops
of the King of Death -
as a great flood,
a very weak bridge made of reeds -
is victorious,
for his fears are dispersed.
He's tamed,
steadfast in himself.

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