Sunday, April 21, 2013

My journey to Ram

I went to the Buddha
kicking, crying and screaming!
Demanding answers
begging for solutions!
There was way too much suffering,
it hurt me
it hurt that it was happening
in my presence
despite my presence
and I wasnt doing much about it!
It hurt badly!

The revered one
in his infinite compassion
reached out to me
through the words of Tolle!
He pointed clearly that
humanity lacks
inner stillness
which naturally leads to
outer suffering.

Where should I start
demanded I.
Obviously, from yourself!
he said softly!
As I stood there
stunned and motionless
He uttered the name Patanjali!

Off I went to the divine shrink
Took his ashtanga course
asana, pranayama and the rest
With yoga sutras & the kural
as my guiding light
I worked on myself and
engaged with others

Gandhi & Krishnamurthi
Aurobindo & Christ
Osho & Nisargadatta
Anthony de Mello & Thich Nhat Hanh
Ramana & Ramakrishna
Valluvar & Moolar
Ramanuja & Sankara

Seeing my struggles
A buddhist-sufi worked with me
and helped me
fix my deficiencies.
In particular,
pointed at the
infinitely complex
causal web
and finally
pointed at my heart!

I turned my gaze inwards,
and in the cave of my heart
I saw him
pure as Brahman
Ram himself!
The more I saw him inside,
the more I saw him outside.

In whose presence,
evolution happens!
In whose recoginition,
the heart melts,
all impurities drop
and the being becomes soft!
In whose presence,
the stage is set for
the amelioration of suffering!
Who is the ocean that
guides the wave!
May his fragrance
be with you, me
and all of humanity!

Seetha lakshmana hanumat-sameta kodanda Ramar!

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