Friday, December 07, 2007

Gujarat CM roots for extra-constitutional killings!!!

Modi owns up Sohrab killing

Can Indian politics stoop lower? Is there a theoretical lower bound on how low they could go? So spookily reminds one of Hitler saying 'If the Jews didn't exist, we would have to invent them'.


Karthik said...

Reminds me of a scene from "The Mist". When the situation is chaotic, someone emerges to sway people to follow his/her ideology. There's room for stooping lower, actually. A mass of compromised human minds is capable of more. ;)

BadhriNath said...

Yeah true, hang modi.
Buddha in WB legalised saying the farmers were killed in nandigram and they got what they deserved. No one talked anything.

Till date no voice against ethnic cleansing of kashmiri pundits

No anti sikh riots talk from ppl

yes talk about modi ALONE

Partha said...

How do you say that there have been no voices against those things that you have mentioned? 5 mts on google will give you tonnes of info on them.. As far as this blog is concerned, there are many posts condemning incidents in WB..

Everytime one talks about Modi, it is not necessary to talk about every other incident of genocide in India.. And sarcastic comments like 'talk about Modi alone' is not of much use... they passively condone the acts of fundamentalist forces..

badhri said...

the same 5 minutes in google gives out all the atrocities of modi too.

same 5 mins gives out sikh riots information ? the kashmiri pundits cleansing ? I wonder. does that mean the internet community is passively condoning the kashmiri cleansing ?

If modi can whip up the crowd gathering to talk to his tune, the media is doing the same to talk against modi. even handedness in all cases and it can be accepted. secularism in india is becoming sickularism.....