Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Some say enlightenment is purely an act of grace
while some opine it can be brought about by effort
and a few others say it merely is arbitrary genetic bias
But, why do I really care?

Can I look at all the violence around me,
and take responsibility?
Responsibility for eradicating the seed of violence in me,
the same seed
that causes all the violence in the world?
then, I consider,
my primary job is done!

Ego is the seed
Sleep-walking or ignorance is another seed
Can I awaken
and understand my ego
and rid myself of it?
Can I look at the world
and realize the consequences of my actions?
Can I live in this world with internal peace
and thereby contribute to external peace?
Then, the job is done!

Grace, effort, genetic bias
they do not matter
responsibility on the other hand
totally matters!


Nirali said...

Who is it that is bearing the responsibility?
...I'm also wondering.

Partha said...

the individual is the one who takes up responsibility.. responsibility for hir actions and consequences..

until the individual totally dissolves, all actions (commissions and omissions) are done by the individual for hirself.. hence, the responsiblity... thats my view :)