Thursday, September 24, 2009

Story from de Mello

A villager accosts a sanyasi who has come to his village that day and says
'Ohh, wow! I can hardly believe my eyes'

'Why?', asked the sanyasi

'Last night, the lord came in my dreams and guided me to this tree and said if I come here today, Ill meet you and then my lifes problems would be solved'

'Ohh really', said the sanyasi. 'What else did he say?'

'He said you have something which if I have, Ill be happy for ever. So, can I check your belongings to see what is it?', asked the villager rather circumspectly.

'Ohh, yeah. Go ahead', said the sanyasi.

The villager began to search his belongings and finally took out a stone from the only bag the sanyasi had. The stone was dirty with food particles stuck to it. The villager washed it and then, lo behold, he recognized it to be a diamond.
'Its a diamond', he exclaimed.

'Its a what', asked the sanyasi.

'A diamond. A precious stone. If I take it, all my problems are solved', said the villager.

'Its a stone. I am not sure if it will help you. But, you are free to take it if you want it and more so if you think that its this stone that the lord wanted you to take from me', said the sanyasi quite nonchalantly.

The villager was overjoyed. He took the stone and immediately left for his home. He started planning the things that he would do by using the diamond. He was having a flood of thoughts. Suddenly, something happened. He went to the nearest banyan tree and sat under it all day in a very pensive mood. He neither ate nor drank the whole day. At dusk, he went in search of the sanyasi again and found him near the village pond. The sanyasi looked at him and smiled as if he was expecting this fellow to come back.

The villager came near the sanyasi and gave the diamond back and said,
'I do not want this. I want the riches that you have that enabled you to give away this diamond so effortlessly!!!'