Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have identified three levels of actions. I would really prefer to stay at the third level as often as possible. Unfortunately, years of conditioning makes it difficult and I keep falling all the time. But, there is some progress.

a.) The lowest level is the action that which I frequently refer to as drama. This is that action done to attract the attention of others. In short, this is egoic-action done to enhance the ego's image of oneself in some way or other.

b.) The next level of action is non-egoic action but action born out of an addiction to action. This is the action / movement that stems from the inability to simply sit.

c.) The most refined and highest level of action is that which is non-egoic and that which stems purely for the need of the action and not from an inability to sit silently. This is the level of saints!

In my opinion, enquiry and understanding are needed to transcend the first level. The more we understand why we do things to cater to the egos image, the more we will be liberated from it. The addiction to action requires first a genuine realization of the same followed by frequent periods where we sit down silently and observe the will to move. This is probably the best route to deaddict oneself from action and thereby transcend the second level.

Human society today has an extreme excess of the first level, scarcity at the second level and next to nothing at the third level. An inversion of this ratio would go a long way in establishing a just and non-violent society!


Sangeetha Sriram said...

Absolutely Partha! Thanks for sharing this insight. :)

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

May be next post we can expect about reaction? It is good to observe than action. In my observation we all react to actions and words, when replied in silence, has a surpassing understanding already communicated.

Spirit of enquiry is needed absolutely.

thanks for the post.

Partha said...

@Sarav - I used the word action to mean everything we do, think, say etc.. like watching tv, browsing, working, going out etc etc... so in general, reaction is included.. but we can of course look at reaction in a more focused manner.. will do so soon da! you should also write about it!

Sandy said...

Insightful post Partha... Thanks for sharing this !