Friday, November 13, 2009

Whole vs Fragmented person

Got this beautiful diagrams from a presentation prepared by Prof Devdas Menon. Thanks to him for sharing these diagrams, originally from 'The eight habit' by Stephen Covey.

Instead of having a noble vision in our minds, we usually have a cultural software. In other words, our minds are typically focused on achieving what the prevalent culture considers to be prestigious to achieve. So, we usually do not even have a vision forget even a noble vision! Sad reality!

Similarly, instead of having a disciplined body we indulge our body all the time - be it sex, food or being a couch potato. Indulging in some of these now and then provides spice but we mostly only live for these things resulting in total deterioration of the body. A disciplined body is a must to be able to achieve anything worthwhile. Its the vehicle through which all our actions are performed in this world.

Finally, our hearts are a social mirror. There is seldom anything that we are passionate about. Likes and dislikes are tailored to accomplish social acceptance.

An individual who transcends these boundaries of the body, mind and heart is a whole individual who constantly inspires people around to find their own internal voice and transcend these boundaries.


Sangeetha Sriram said...

Very good articulation. I fall under the category of fragmented people who want to become whole, but indulge way too much to make much progress! :)

I love the diagrams that Prof Menon collects. He has a number of them! May be you can get them all and post them here?

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

Good post. Accepted. Moving out of Maya, can help one clearly see the distinction. To move out of this circle, one has to discipline, and give up the desires. This is realization. Good one partha.

Sandy said...

Awesome Post !

Vivek said...

Good one Thala...!