Thursday, January 12, 2012

Form and function

In Yoga there is form (the external appearance) and function (what the form does to the subject). There are billions of paths to Yoga (in the sense of union with the divine) and any individual can master only a few. When faced with a new form of Yoga, we mostly see only the form and miss the function. Keeping this in mind helps one to understand new forms of Yoga as we encounter them.

A person not introduced to Yoga, will see the inversion of the body in the above picture. But, a trained person in yoga sees the fire in the tummy coming in contact with the impurities stored below it by (which does not happen in the normal posture)

Similarly, people not exposed to words of JK, only see him speaking and speaking and doing more speaking. But, for many, it leads to the awakening of the perfect wisdom in the bosom of the heart.

Different forms of yoga - not everyone sees the function in every one of them, IMO!

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