Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hari and Siva

1. First they are different

Clearly they are two different entities / objects. They are called by different names and have a different presence and feel about them.

2. Then they are same

This is the dawning of wisdom. One sees people fighting (warring?) with each other in their names and questions how a all knowing and all loving divine can instigate such feuds? One recognises the entities identified in the previous stage to be mere stones.

3. Then they are different

If the dawning of wisdom continues, one develops individually. One has more and more nobler goals and ambitions in life. But, there is opposition. The world opposes the flowering of these ambitions. One suffers like how birds that escaped a forest fire suffer for the sake of their little ones that perish in the fire. One is desperate and one seeks guidance. Clearly, Hari and Siva are identified and they seem to be opposing each other. The creating / sustaining power of Hari clashes with the increasing entropy of Siva. The stones are no more stones.

4. Finally, they are same

Through divine will, if the noble intentions are sustained and carried out, at the pinnacle of the individuals growth, Hari and Siva unite! When this happens, one may say Hari and Siva are one! No stone is a stone any more!

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