Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yoga, zen, cookies and filter coffee



2:53 PM Partha: If all these plans work out, ill get more confidence about doing yoga practice full time. i think only that will make me do my practice with total regularity 

Karthik: In zen they say your desires and needs are not served by practice
2:55 PM But your practice is fueled by them

2:56 PM Partha: totally opposite :)2:57 PM mine is totally fuelled by my need to make my life in a certain way
we can say, the practice will suit our desires if it is truly the divine will :)

2:59 PM Karthik: i must add this opposite is present to acknowledge the delusion that one can predict divine will

3:00 PM Partha: lol :)
not sure what to tell about that 

Karthik: But yes, given delusion is workaday we have to acknowledge its presence too

3:01 PM Partha: in the pair of opposites
3:02 PM what is good, eternal and beautiful (satyam, shivam & sundaram) is gods will
what is not is gods test to the individual on whether he/she can obey the divine will

Karthik: Hmm
3:03 PM Great faith and great doubt
3:04 PM May be there is divine will. May be there is not. Chewy chocolate cookies and sleep are easy. ;-)
3:05 PM I have faith in those :-P 

Partha: haha :)
they certainly are
for me it is filter coffee

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