Friday, August 17, 2012

Touched by three souls in aged bodies!

Three incidents where actions of old people deeply touched me this week:
1. Was standing very tired in a crowded bus after a long day. A seat near me was vacated. An old (70+) man was standing right next to the seat and normally he would have sat there but  he gave the seat to me voluntarily with a big smile (knowing that I was tired)!

2. Was trying to board a bus. The bus started to move unexpectedly and my leg slipped slightly and dangerously. A old man standing on the road said, 'ayyo paathu kanna' (be careful my son). Was genuinely touched by the expression of love and concern on his face. Usually people are too tight to express their concern and even if they do, do not say 'kanna'!

3. The biggest thing was today. An old (80+) lady slipped in her house in the middle of the night. She could not move and was sitting on the ground in pain and blood for 5hours as she did not want to wake up her kids staying in the same apartment complex! As she narrated this, there was absolutely no sense of pain / worry / frustration / anguish or any other negative emotion in her voice. No pain at being 'alone' or any of the usual (mostly genuine) complaints of the aged. Truly, the divine is expressing itself through her! Blessed to have known her for so long!

Feels great to be in touch with such souls! :) Makes one humble and filled with gratitude.


Anonymous said...

This post of yours brought in tears:) Thank you so much for making me see those events! I hope i gain strength to appreciate and acknowledge such events when they happen with me.

Partha said...

very happy you could resonate with it :)

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

Thanks da. nice .. It's difficult to be calm in life without expressing ones complaints. Such souls are examples to be one.