Thursday, September 06, 2012

Anger Management through Yoga

Seven steps for anger management:
  1. Seeing it. Seeing all dimensions of it. Seeing them choice-lessly.
  2. That which has arisen will also demise and hence this will also go away. Seeing this is important.
  3. Seeing your situation in perspective. Contrast it with the worst atrocity that someone whom you know has gone through.
  4. Seeing the other persons perspective. If one were in their shoes, one probably would have done the same.
  5. Learning to breath. Mind, being a function of the body, is most easily tuned / regulated by mastery over ones breath.
  6. Practising all of the above regularly so that they come handy needed.
  7. Dealing with the situation. This could even mean all out battle. But, that should necessarily be the last option.

All these being the most elementary aspects of anger management, lets now enter the more involved parts.

When one's family members fight with each other, die of preventable causes and / or waste their life in trivial pursuits, most sane individuals will feel a lot of anger. This is exactly the state of affairs in the world. It is surprising that most people are not angry about it. Interestingly, this also comes about by seeing - seeing the interconnected ways of the world, the suffering it and the apathy one shows towards it.

Practice of yoga helps one identify with the whole world as ones family. Naturally one will start feeling anger at the state of the world. This anger provides energy for action. Yoga further strengthens and tightens ones body and mind so as to hold that anger within carefully. If not, the fire which anger is will spread out and will add to the madness around. Instead, the energy stays within and the individual becomes like an engine - an engine of change. The anger is kept in and the energy is felt outside. First the individual undergoes a dramatic transformation and then the light of change spreads out.

Gradually, over a period of time, the individual naturally acts as an engine of change even without the anger.

Anger management through yoga complete!

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