Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Archetypes of people interested in yoga sutras

Possible archetypes of people interested in the yoga sutras:
1. Complacent Outsider
2. Ultimate Insider
3. Romantic Seeker
4. Universal Philosopher
5. Bodily Practitioner
6. Mere Philologist
7. Classical Scholar

From 'Silence Unheard: Deathly Otherness' in Patañjala-yoga
By Yohanan Grinshpon

Nice list but IMHO, it seems that the author has not got the point :D

My view is that, all of the above classifications are about the quality of the intellect that is interested and not the being.. for example, sincere seeker is missing.. the deepest he gets is the romantic seeker.. much more importantly, the
yogi is missing! furthermore there are many applications of being a yogi - like being an astronomer, doctor, social activist etc which Patanjali talks about and I find a reference to any of that lacking.. so I felt he has not gone deep enough beyond looking at it through the intellect!

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