Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pollution in China

Pollution in China - in pictures

Sad sad price of all the development we see!

When will I start taking responsibility for all the indirect violence that I cause? I mean, me throwing a coffee cup in the dustbin is not directly violent but it definitely implies adding to the pollution faced by slum dweller somewhere in India near whose residence would it be burnt! Sometimes it is next to impossible to not use that coffee cup but I find that in more than 90% of circumstances it is avoidable and sadly I tend to slip many times on that! Such reminders provide a renewed vigor to commit myself to be extremely aware of all the garbage I produce.


Sandy said...

Very nice post Partha ! Its very true .. we do cause a lot of indirect violence to our planet Earth.Lets be aware of that .

Karthik said...

While you have always expressed these views(and I am not gonna comment on the view per se), I think this is a different Partha saying (almost) the same thing. (Doesn't make it the same thing, does it?) These feel like words from a born-again Partha. I don't have to say this to you in a public forum, but my best wishes remain with you as you embark on your project as a newer person.

Partha said...

@sandy - yes yes!
@KG - nandri hai!

Jeevita said...

I am probably talking nonsense, but thought I'd ask anyway...

How does the concept of taking responsibility fit in with the concept of selflessness? Isn't it only when you have a 'self' that you can take responsibility for anything (good or bad). And also the very concept of good or bad... How can anything be bad, if we don't have a 'self' weighing judgement on it?

Partha said...

@Jeevitha - thx for asking! certainly meaningful.. all these terms are usually quite confusing.. I can tell you how I see it..

to me, selflessness simply means the total absence of ego and consequently a total inner peace of the heart.. normally a very large percentage of our energy is spent on ones own progress etc without any concern for how it fits in the larger picture.. an understanding of why we do this and what we really gain from this is important.. I believe an understanding of this might lead to the natural dissolution of the ego and the natural arising of responsibility..

so selflessness has nothing to do with judgmental capabilities.. it simply means our judgment is not biased by our ego..

I don't know if this rant made any sense :D