Friday, October 23, 2009

Short stories

Sveta-ketu goes to school from Chandogya upanishad
"... by knowing the nature of one lump of clay, we can know the nature of everything made of clay, can we not? The shapes of other things, such as a pot, a toy elephant, etc., are just names, given to help us talk about them. The reality in them is just the clay, is it not?"
Questions for Anigras from Mundaka upanishad
"Then (after one realizes the supreme truth, Brahman), just as the many rivers flow into the one ocean, losing their names and forms, so the wise person, free from name and body, enters into that Divine Being, higher than the highest. My son, when you know that Brahman, you become that Brahman. You cross beyond all sorrow and evil. You become immortal."

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