Friday, April 15, 2011

As it happens!

तच्छिद्रेषु प्रत्ययान्तराणि संस्कारेब्य:
Notwithstanding ones progress, if one is careless, fissures arise due to past hidden impressions, creating division between consciousness and the seer!

हानमेषां क्लेशवदुक्तम
In the same way as the sadhaka tries to be free from afflictions, the yogi must handle these latent impressions judiciously to extinguish them!

Kaivalya Pada, sutras 27 & 28 - Yoga sutras

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Sandhya said...

'if one is careless'...' handle them judiciously'... past impressions are one of the biggest hurdles to overcome...