Saturday, August 20, 2011


None of these is permanent. Any such identity one may have is purely accidental. If the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs had hit earth one day later, would any of these identities that one has still be true? Such is the frivolous nature of these identities. The clash of these frivolous identities causes lot of violence - in fact, it is the primary cause for most violence that humanity has unleashed upon itself. When such is the case, should we not drop all these identities NOW?


Sandhya said...

Nice one !

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

In a microscopic level, I guess atleast in our country, India, we create too much identity based on the social position. Your respect in the society and sometimes in the family also becomes based on that. Mutual respect will be missing because it is our ego which is associated that is mistaken to be of SELF with the job we have, hierachy we enjoy in company and the money and people we earn respect because of that. So there is only "Ego-respect" and not "Self-respect" in the common world. You can see this very common in all restaurants where a normal man is served with a pot water and other with mineral water.

Unless nature brings destruction out believes in this form ego identification would never perish.

Essentially the way of each of livehood is also not for being, but mostly for social identification. Will I be valued? So this is a sorry state that each of one us suffer !!!!!! A drive for everyone to come up in the society is also because that they don't want to negleted in the circle of family and friends.

So on the other side, when we genuinely be interested in developing him self, business, work can be achieved with "SELF" identification rather than "EGO" identification. That type of development will seek the following

1. Equality
2. Unanimity
3. Joy and peristent JOY
4. No rush but a slow and consistent development taking only what you need

Partha said...

thx for the comment mchi.. I liked it! :) but, I have some questions..

where is the question of development when we take only what we need? Would it not be a state of equilibrium..? a joyous one of that!

this comparison is not an issue only in India.. its a little bit more on the face here may be.. thats all... the engine of such economic inequalities, in todays globalized world, is USA and the western world. not that the corporates in india are any better! so, its a global problem.. only when individuals can look at their fears with all seriousness and transcend all of them, can the changes that you have so nicely mentioned can come about. of course, all this is in my opinion only :)

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

yes da it is everywhere agreed. Simple life is beautiful, agreed da. But even in the midst of the ancient world till now with this height of technological evolution it is the greed which is the enemy. No one can stop change, isn't it? I think, it is good East is meeting West, where there are some exchanges of best of both the worlds. I think we in India, are even becoming independent in our thoughts which was otherwise very narrow I believe from our parents and grand parent's generations. It comes with a cost too ..