Thursday, August 25, 2011

Responsibility in Capitalism

Capitalism is not only about more products in the super market shelf and more economic freedom. As is the case with all 'isms', it comes as a package. Some of the choices it takes / inevitably leads to, have horrendous consequences. While society has a whole, through very complex forces, decides the currently in vogue ism, every individual has the responsibility of considering the impact of ones participation (some of which may be without choice) in any ism. Considering that capitalism strongly encourages greed and that people blamed for such disasters are just accidentally at the wrong place and the wrong time (just like traffic accidents in Indian roads - could have been anyone), it just could have been anyone else (competitors / suppliers / vendors / share holders / consumers). Then, should not people who participate in it, consider why they should push the wheel harder and harder by their personal ambitions, desires for higher salaries / positions and lucrative foreign positions? Should we not consider that its all these little greed vectors that combine to produce horrendous consequences like the Bhopal disaster?

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