Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Jatharagni, located in the duodenum, that is responsible for eliminating impurities in the food we eat and maintaining good health in the body. Surprisingly, this seems to loose its potency the moment someone is married or settled into a good job. This can be seen in the sudden increase in weight when people get married and/or get settled in a good job.

Jatharagni itself is the physical manifestation of the fire which is deeper inside. For most people, this fire is almost but extinguished by a marriage or a good job - leading to accumulation of impurities (obesity and ego). If one can hold on to the deeper fire (by aiming at something trans-egoic that one finds meaningful), then impurities can be eliminated from the system - neither body mass nor mental mass (ego) will accumulate!


Saravanan Mathialagan said...

apdiya da ..

Never knew about this ..

thats why when we have fire inside we generally walk steadily and quickly right

Like Rama maharishi, Mahatma Gandhi and thalaivar Rajikanth and Ulaga nayagam Kamal hasaan .. :)

Beautiful message for married guys like me who can enter into a dead end called settled life .. in general we are all like birds only ..


Saravanan Mathialagan said...

To clarify to myself, what I meant as settled life, is to think, I have a good paying job, palacial home and why would I move out of this!!

For me a settled life is a contented life and do not want to be an acquiring one ..


Partha said...

wonderful da! thx for sharing!

I would just like to add that, a contended life is the base from which we act upon this world. Most of us carry a lot of energy in us. We need to expend it by engaging with the world in creative ways that are unique to us. When we are contended and actively discover our unique way of engagement, then that fire is stoked and maintained! :)