Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pyramid of Change

This is a beautiful model / guide on how to get relationships to flower (from the book 'Anatomy of Peace' by Arbinger Institute). At the base of the pyramid is the main work - 'obtaining a heart at peace' and at the top is correcting things that go wrong. Fundamentally, the work is about setting things up so that things go right. Finally, we also need systems to ensure we can correct things when they go wrong. This is as beautifully applicable to personal relationships as it is to social work. The Lokpal, when works perfectly as envisaged, will work to correct things when they go wrong. What about ensuring that things go right, which is really the bulk of the work? When individuals view themselves as separate from their society and which they are willing to exploit for their growth / ambitions / greed / desires, without worrying about their responsibility to give back in proportion to what they take, how can things go right? What are we going to do about that in our lives?

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