Sunday, February 12, 2012


Giving advice, is in a sense, throwing light. Of the five elements, the one that produces light is fire. Hence to give advice, one needs to invoke the fire element in ones mind. But, fire also has the nasty habit of giving away heat and that can hurt and/or turn off people. One solution to that is to keep the fire far removed from the recipient of light. This naturally implies that the amount of light that reaches the receiver is also less. Another option, is to be in touch with masters like Ramana. But, rare are such yuga purushas. To me, there appears to be only one other viable alternative - to bring the fire in close enough proximity so that necessary light is thrown but have a wonderful and genuine, deep trust / love based relationship between the giver and receiver of light which will then act as a cushioning medium for the heat. Thus, the necessary light is transmitted but the damage caused by the heat is next to nil or minimal. Do you have such a group of people around you - each of whom are absolutely committed towards discovering perfection / truth / god in their lives? Do you have such a satsang - who will show you a compassionate mirror to every single piece of untruth in you? This will rapidly accelerate the process of culling all falsehoods in one. Such a satsang can only be built up gradually over time. Are you putting in that effort now? It cannot come suddenly. But, it will definitely come if you are committed discovering perfection / truth / god in your life!

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Partha, great post about your travel. Enjoy :)