Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shaping desires

It is not so much about culling desires as much as it is about shaping desires! But, many of our desires are in opposition with each other - leading to internal conflict suffering. But, if we build within us the capacity to find out our deepest desires, we will have the energy to cull distracting ones and manifest the real ones.

For example, we also want to be safe on the roads. But, we also want to get the kick of driving fast, or want to jump the signals out of impatience (at least in Indian roads). Clearly, they are conflicting. When one is calm and effortlessly focussed, it is natural to let only the desire to be safe manifest.

Likewise, there are many conflicting desires within us at many levels of our being. The varying tools of yoga are there to help us build in sufficient energy, focus, peace in us to be able to cull unwanted desires and let us manifest our deepest desires. The beauty of this is that, the deeper desires are naturally in sync with wholesome well being of the society. Do we have it in us to see this and to work towards identifying and manifesting our deepest desires?

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