Saturday, June 16, 2012

Develop super powers

Wonderful little intro to developing 9 practical super powers


Vijay said...

Thanks for the link.

I myself have problems with #3 "working steadily without seeing immediate results".

I have noticed myself during periods of tough intellectual activity: for e.g. solving a hard problem or writing an article -- that I often do other things for getting some kind of feedback. For instance, I might want to eat something, smell something, dig my nose etc.

I surmise that the root-cause is because of the fact that the main intellectual activity is not giving me enough feedback, so I have to resort to other activities that provide me instant feedback.

I have also tried doing the primary activity without indulging in secondary feedback-providing activities. If i do this, I seem to end-up feeling drained of all energy.

The article you have linked suggests "When you turn within your heart, you feel the energy to you receive from all around you, as well as the energy your heart projects out into your environment.". What does "turning within your heart" mean.

Partha said...

Hello Vijay,

Thanks for your comment!
We do need to find ways to keep ourselves energized. The mind, like any other organ, can get tired. We need to rejuvenate it for sure and we have to find our own unique ways to do so!

Ill try to explain 'turning within your heart' as I understand. Our normal way of living is so much in the mind - meaning we are caught up in continuously responding to the stimulus the external world provides us. Instead, when we turn within, we are mostly peaceful (at rest) and, when we do act, we are primarily triggered to act by inner stimuli. This does not mean the external world is ignored. It is managed mostly to the extent that responding to any external stimulus is totally effortless.

It is not a one shot thing to make this shift. The transformation is made both through life changing peak experiences and systematic regular work.

Here are some links you may like

Hope you enjoy this!

By the way, do I know you (sorry, unable to recognise you).

Vijay said...

Thanks Partha! This is Vijayanand from PSBB (XI F1). I've enjoyed reading your facebook/blog posts!

"The mind, like any other organ, can get tired. We need to rejuvenate it for sure and we have to find our own unique ways to do so!"

I agree.

Since I know that you've been practising yoga, I was wondering if you were aware of some techniques that will provide energy for performing intellectual activities... (for e.g. meditating on certain body points etc...)

If something like that (essentially a "switch" to turn on energy for intellectual activities) exists, clearly that is better than all these indirect techniques (like listening to music, tasting something, fidgeting about with the body etc.) that cheat the body into releasing energy.
That is

Partha said...

Hey Vijayanand! lovely to see you here da :) where are you staying? I live in chennai.

ill try to answer your question from my personal experience.

There are two dimensions to getting access to that energy.

One is a long term thing. In this, one tries to continually discover ones long term calling in life and work towards enabling its manifestation in this life. This is not a ego driven goal. But, it is more the meeting point of the pinnacle of personal development and universal usefulness. Working towards this releases all the energy we need. Gradually we move from mind-centred living (responding primarily to external stimuli) to heart-centred living (responding primarily to internal stimuli) and soul centred (no response needed - perfect stillness).

The first is long term and may not appeal immediately. The second dimension is also very important. It is the short term dimension that gives immediate results. In the second dimension, the idea is to use the breath. Check out 'Heart Rate Variability'. It measures the moment by moment pulse rate. If you plot it, for normal people we get random curves. But, if your body, breath and heart are in sync you get a beautiful sine curve of a large amplitude. The more closer our curve is to this ideal, the more inner peace and outer poise we can cultivate in us.

For developing this, one simple thing to do is to practice mindful and rhythmic breathing as often as possible If we can breathe in and out at 6 seconds (6 is just an example, choose what works for you) effortlessly, and if we can consciously maintain that rate for 10 minutes, that has a very good impact on ones heart rate variability. Over a period of 2-3 months practice this really helps releases deeper potential and energy.

Happy exploring :)

Vijay said...

Thanks Partha!