Friday, October 12, 2007

Hosa lekhaki - Sneha 'the diga'

If you are wondering what those strange sounding first two words are, don't worry. You are the majority. They mean 'new author' in kannada. Yes, there is one more author to this blog and thats Sneha.

Despite she being a 'dumb diga' (in my opinion) and I being a 'stupid tam' (in her opinion), due to a strange quirk of fate we have become friends here in Calgary. Though she frequently pisses me of by alluding to cauvery water and I frequently get under her skin by pointing to the electricity supply to Karnataka from TN, we have managed to remain as friends and this has surprised even us. Fact is indeed stranger than fiction.

Sneha is vastly experienced in life. Vastly as in colossally, enormously, gigantically, hugely, immensely, massively, monumentally and stupendously. Seriously. Am not kidding. It would take most of us more than half a life time to experience stuff she has and in fact many of us might not even experience so many things in a complete life time. Also, she is a phd student in chemistry and often hits people around with words like 'XRD', 'solid state' etc (which have incidentally been banned from this blog). In her past time, besides reading lots of books, she cooks and feeds a lot of hungry and starved souls here :).

You can expect a lot of our Tam vs Diga fights to be posted here. Also, she will author a series called 'phd tragics' modelled on phdcomics. Though this one will not have too many cartoons, I am sure it will be a really awesome series (given her experiences in her phd). Of course, there will be posts on other topics too.

Welcome Sneha. Come and enrich this space with your knowledge and experiences.

PS: Please appreciate me. It took me tremendous strength and courage to set aside my tam pride and male pride to invite a female and that too a diga to come and enrich this space. lolz!!


Naveen said...

welcome maami! [now how do i say tht in diga!? :)) ]

BadhriNath said...

adagu vechutiye raasa un pridea :P
eppadi indha "CORE DUMP" unna maathiduchu paathiya :D

One jmall requesht to the new author:
pljjj introduce humour in the posts. Its enuf with two ppl always painfully reminding us with reactions of our actions.

Sneha said...

Thank you stupid, idiot, saala tam! Watch for my posts!

@Naveen: Thank you mama...

@Badri: A month of lunch and dinner with the diga made this magic....

Karthik said...

welcome to the kannadaththu paingiLi! ;) awaiting your posts.

Saravanan Mathialagan said...

Hi Sneha,

Welcome to bloggers .. :-)