Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tissue Paper

The title sounds very errant. You might be wondering why did I choose to write about tissue paper among all the other things in the world! Well, it all goes on my another encounter with truth of life.

"Tissue paper" as we all know is to be used and thrown. It has no other use.. not even is it recycled! Unfortunately, we all fail to understand its importance in our lives.

Similar is the case with people too. At some point or the other, most of us get used by someone else just like a tissue paper. To wipe away tears, to dry off sorrows or even just to feel good.. all of us use someone else as an emotional tissue paper. And most of the times.. the tissue paper is not even given a second look and is dumped straight into the garbage and forgotten completely.

Only if we could try and understand the importance of these tissue paper like people in our lives, we could be better humans. But we hardly care about it and hardly bother about spending sometime thinking about it.

People are not meant to be used like tissue paper. We are humans.. having the same feelings, pain, emotions and love. There is no difference among us. All of us need to be heard, cared and loved. Then why be avaricious and always intend to take benefit from others? Why not try and show some selfless attitude?

The reason behind this covetous behaviour is our egomaniacal society which directs us all the time. Result is, we "Love things and use people". Only when people change themselves mindfully, topped with some sensibility and sensitivity, we can expect that "Use things and love people" would occur.

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