Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Krishna sweets

The tam being someone who can devour sweets like hell, it was not surprising that the friendly fire of the two friends was on the arena of sweets. This day, the tam was outnumbered as there were two digas in one of the digas' house fighting the tam.

Diga1: Have you ever visited Krishna sweets in Bengalooru?

Tam: What do you mean?

Diga2: Come on yaar. You were in Bengalooru for 1.5 years. Don't tell me that you didnt visit Krishna sweets even once.

Tam: What? What are you guys talking about? Krishna sweets.. how could I have not visited it? Many many times. You don't need your teeth to eat their mysorepak. Delicious!!!

Diga2: See, you tam. You are in love with a diga sweet shop.

At this, the tam gets a little pissed off. Naturally.

Tam: What.. why are you guys blabbering like this? Krishna sweets is our own sweet shop. It has so many branches in chennai and it has a branch in almost every locality in Coimbatore. For your kind information, its based out of Coimbatore and its a tam shop.

The two digas are stunned at this as they didnt know this. After feverishly googling krishna sweets for sometime, they sheepishly grinned and agreed that it was actually a tam shop.

Diga1: It might be a tam shop but it is famous for a diga sweet. Can't you guys make money by making your own sweet.

The two digas started to laugh as they thought they had the tam pinned.

Tam: Its actually a shame on you. We can make your sweet better. HeHe.... :)

Diga1: That does not matter. What matters is plagiarism. Don't copy, you copycats.

and the battle continues...

Statutory warning: This is purely only for fun. The tam and diga participating in the series, love the other persons language and culture just as theirs. No harm intended to anyone in any way whatsoever.

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