Monday, July 20, 2009

கிணறு வெட்ட பூதம்...!

கிணறு வெட்ட பூதம்...!

Briefly, the writer of the post lived in a mansion in chennai and the water had a bad stench for a long time. He tested the water and found it that it was mixed with human excreta. The post is about his fight with the mansion owner, irresponsible policemen etc! Please take your time to read it.

A friend described this: (of course, assuming that the perspective in the post is the truth)
To me, the question the story is posing is this: (rather hypocritical of me to say) This is the Bharathi of our times. We don't know how perfect Bharathi was. But this is the Bharathi in our minds. That perfect crusader against society's ills. Does our society have the slightest hint of goodness to not kill this off? I think this is a test of goodness for any society.

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Anonymous said...

Truth apart, but this guy is making a big noise.
Happened to read his post on Dasavatharam - confused why Gauthami is being referred in what is supposed to be a review... and he is trying to bring in a new angle on how Kamal handles the statue.