Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fav Thirumandiram - 2615

ஆசை யறுமின்கள் ஆசை யறுமின்கள்
ஈசனோ டாயினும் ஆசை யறுமின்கள்
ஆசை படப்பட ஆய்வருந் துன்பங்கள்
ஆசை விடவிட ஆனந்த மாமே

Desires always arise to satisfy the mind-body complex. The problem with that is that there is an expectation for something to happen so that one can be 'happy'. This means that the sense of self feels incomplete and needs something more to happen to make it happy or complete. This sense of 'me' will constantly fear this desire not succeeding and will go to a great extents to make it happen. All this has a high probability of causing suffering - to the person concerned and others! So, Moolar says, do not desire - even if it is the desire to be one with god!

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