Saturday, July 25, 2009

False beliefs

Whenever any event happens, we really need to find out the simplest explanation possible. Only after a bunch of people who are sincere and scientifically trained have tested it and have failed to come up with an explanation, should we even consider the possibility of something more than a simple explanation. As Carl Sagan used to say, 'extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence'. No matter how great a yogi who you are, you are not exempt from the laws of physics, chemistry and biology! Of course, we do not know a lot of things. The world is probably much more mysterious than we can imagine. But, we should first try to explain inexplicable events by our extraordinarily successful simple laws.

Any human left in air unsupported will fall to the ground. Human levitation is not possible. The law of gravity cannot be defied that easily :)! If you see someone levitating, consider the possibility of some illusion. P.C.Sorcar Jr, the magician, made the Taj Mahal disappear in front of hundreds of people. Of course, it did not really disappear. It was an illusion.

Similarly, physical immortality is NOT possible! Any and every organism born out of sex has to die. There is absolutely no exception. Even the great Krishnamacharya who practiced yoga relentlessly all his life died. Of course, he was more than 100 years old when he died. So, yoga is very powerful in increasing lifespan, curing lots of diseases and for many other purposes. But, this should not lead us to believe things like physical immortality.

If you later on know for sure someone who has lived for 200 or more years, please do report it to the Guinness world records. Many doctors will be interested in understanding their longevity. Similarly, if you know someone who claims he can levitate, please ask the person to demonstrate their skills to scientists. They will be REALLY interested in understadning this new type of force.

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