Friday, February 28, 2014

Schooling and Dharma

I saw a few scenes from a horrible movie last weekend on TV. One of those scenes though made a profound statement about modern education.

A village had to choose a headman. After some discussions, a committee decided it should be the person who is least interested in money (interesting approach, in contrast with elections). They conduct a (partially silly?) test of throwing a rupee (which had some value in the context of a village 30 years ago) on the road and observe reactions. They decided that the shortlisted candidates would be those who pick it up and search for the owner of the money. In the next scene, the village drunkard returns it but not the most 'educated' dude in the village (who is the son of the former headman). 

Movies tend to deliberately concentrate societal characteristics and show them out of proportion. Even after conceeding that, this is an interesting perspective that we are seldom aware of! What does modern day schooling do to ones sense of dharma?

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