Thursday, November 01, 2007


The Tam was having a tough time that day. He had a longer than the usual 3 hour meeting with his supervisors. That meeting went on for 6 hours. No. They were not trying to figure out the meaning of life. They were just trying to get that elusive proof needed for the Tam to complete his thesis. Also, he had a reasonably big fight with one of his supervisors on some lemma. The Tam really wanted to say 'Thesis sign pannatiyum kutram kutrame!!!' (A parody on a old tamil saying. A poet has a fight with Lord Shiva and says to the lord that even if you open your third eye, a mistake is a mistake. This one by the Tam means, even if you don't sign my thesis, a mistake is a mistake). But, alas, he never got to say that as the person whom he was having the fight was not Indian. Nevertheless, after such a tiring meeting, he went to the digas house for dinner.

No matter what the other persons mental state is, these two can never talk for more than 30 mts without a fight.

Diga: Did you see the cricket match yesterday? We got so badly thrashed by the Aussies.

Tam: Yeah yeah. I did see it. All because of that dumb diga Dravid. He played too slowly.

Diga: Hello. Don't say anything about Dravid. He is the wall and without him Indian cricket is nothing. Also he is not a born diga.

Tam: Yeah yeah.

Diga: What yeah yeah. Digas have contributed to Indian cricket phenomenally. So many cricket stars in the recent past are from the diga nation. Dravid, Kumble, Prasad etc... Even Uthappa, the biggest upcoming star, is a diga. Mind it.

And she goes again. Listing the greatness of the diga nation. The tam still not yet completely out of the 6 hr meeting, is not fighting at full strength.

Tam: Yeah yeah.

Diga: What da? No enthu to fight or have I cornered you today. I think its the second case. Who was the last significant Tam cricketer? Kris Srikanth? That was 20 years ago. You guys dont even contribute to the countries most popular sport.

This finally got his adrenalin flowing.

Tam: We dont contribute to dumb games like cricket. We are smart and intelligent people. We contribute to the game of brains, the game that was oringally invented in India, the game people with the highest IQ's play.. chess. Look at Viswanathan Anand. He is the world champion in chess. How many grandmasters has the diga nation produced?

Diga: Dont rest on the laurels of one Tam da. That too a guy who does even stay in India. He stays most of the time in Spain. Do you know that?

Tam: Yeah yeah. Wherever he stays, he is still a Tam.

Diga: You will never accept defeat. Stupid fellow. Try to contribute to Indias most popular game. Even you watch every match. Remember that.

Tam: Yeah yeah.

And she realized that he was in no mood to fight today. So, she decided it was time to have dinner. They went had the roti cooked by the diga after that.

Statutory warning: This is purely only for fun. The tam and diga participating in the series, love the other persons language and culture just as theirs. No harm intended to anyone in any way whatsoever.


Noorjahan said...

thoroughly enjoyed the fight between tam and diga.. :)
Just to add more spice to battle between Tam and Diga, here is a masala information
November 1st is the formation day of both Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Though karnataka proudly celebrates its formation day, Tamil Nadu never celebrates the day regularly.. What a shame :(
See the below link for more details.


Sneha said...

Thanks Noors!
Great info! Shame on tams!

Partha said...

hehehehehe.. by heart we were all always one.. so we dont participate in such trivial things.. lolz!! :D