Friday, November 09, 2007

Diwali Special!

The Diga was gloomy one afternoon... reason being... she had seen some videos of child labourers in Sivakasi that morning. A good enough reason for anyone on earth to feel sad about...

To calm down her feelings, she calls her not so amiable friend.. the Tam for a walk. They walk for a while silently. The Tam is confused about this behavior of the often overzealous diga. Not able to tolerate the silence anymore, he goes...

Tam: Hey diga! What's up? Why are you so gloomy and silent today? Is everything ok with you? Is anything wrong with your work or any problem at home? Speak up!

Diga: Saako... sumniro!(enough.. keep quite). Im in no mood to talk today.

Tam: Why? What happened? Never saw you so reticent.. Please tell me..

Diga: You tams! You are murderers!

(The tam is taken aback suddenly...)

Tam: What are you blabberring? Why are you calling us murderers? Are you nuts?

Diga: Nuts? You call me nuts? You... you tams... you kill children! Have you seen the Sivakasi video?

Tam being a proud tam... never could he take such a blame. He goes...

Tam: Diga.. think and speak! Do not say like that. We do not kill children. By the way, which video are you talking about? What Sivakasi? What murder?
I do not know anything about it!

All I know is, Sivakasi is the largest suppliers of crackers in India. And that is a reason to be proud of!

When I was working in Bangalore... on the day of diwali, I could not find a shop selling crackers! Later on I got to know that crackers are sold out of the city in some stupid playground! Ridiculous! During diwali you do not have crackers. And to get one.. you have to travel out of the city! What a diga nation! No crackers! Im proud that in my tam nation we make crackers and burn as many as we want!

This was enough for the diga to become outrageous. Without a second thought she jumps at the tam.. and punches him on his face and shouts...

Diga: You tam! You idiot tam! You have child labourers in your nation! And you support it! Ridiculous! I hate you!

Tam: Hey hey.. stop this! Child labour is in every state in India. Show me one state which does not have child labourers. People in glass buildings should not be throwing stones on others.

Diga: Shut up!

Tam: Have you visited the hotels and messes in Bangalore?? Everywhere kids are seen working.

At this the diga shouts at the top of her voice..

Diga: Atleast we do not burn kids alive!

Tam: Hmmm...atleast we kill only ourselves.. not others..

Diga: Shut up you idiot! You kill kids.. what could be more gruelling crime than this?

Tam: You buy the products... stop importing crackers from tam land

Diga: You have policy notes for child labour..but nothing is done. We too have.. but atleast we have policies for every taluk and such a brutal crime is not prevalent in diga nation.

Tam: Stop buying crackers from Sivakasi then. You buy all the crackers and instigate the villains to employ the kids

Diga: Ha! You may say that you are the one who are supplying 90% of the fireworks demand in the country. Thats appreciable. But it shouldn't be achieved at the cost of children's health, education and prosperity. And you.. being an intellectual.. you support it... even if it is for the sake of argument

Tam: Hmmm.. thats not true. Lots of things are bad. Today is the first time you have brought up this issue. I say surrender.. Satisfied?

Diga: Well... surrender... but im not satisfied... Im brutally unforgiving.

Tam: Hmmmm...that is indeed a big problem :( cracker factories no doubt.

Diga: I will never burst crackers ever again. I promise myself.

Tam: Great!!!

Diga: What about you?

Tam: Definitely not.

Diga: What not? You will not burst or not promise?

Tam: aaha... lawyer diga! Diga MA BL
I will not burst crackers

Diga: Never in your life...

Tam: Yup yup. For sure
No way will I burst crackers

Diga: Neither will you ever allow anyone in your family or friends to do so. I mean.. atleast you will try to stop them.

Tam: yes yes

Diga: Good!

Tam: Finally I can see some smile on my diga's face! Thank god!

The diga gives a broad smile... and then they continue walking silently again... and the diga starts...

Diga: Hey you stupid tam.. have you seen those videos??

And the fight continues....

PS: Check out these links about the Sivakasi child labourers.


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