Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Sex education

A person whom I have met a few times in Chennai said the following in a discussion on this topic in a mailing list I subscribe too. I loved this.

... more than sex education, gender education would be great where stereotypes about each gender are broken down, so that boys don't end up being sexually frustrated, misogynistic men and girls don't end up being subservient men haters...

All I want to say is... Amen!!!


Sneha said...

Good one!

Dushti said...

Totally !

Srivatsa said...

Good for those who are becoming the victims of gender bias. This issue addresses only the individual aspect of the person.

Sex education is ALSO an integral part, i believe. Since, i recently heard, that many women are being raped on the first night.

There could be an excuse for the first but none for the latter.