Saturday, August 29, 2009

கல் - கடவுள்

'கல்லை மட்டும் கண்டால் கடவுள் தெரியாது', என்ற வாக்கியம், நாத்திகர்களைவிட ஆத்திகர்களுக்கு பொருந்துமென தோன்றுகிறது!

'When you see the stone*, you do not see god'**, in my opinion,
probably applies more to theists than to atheists!

This is true because theists many time get lost in their mode of worship and forget that the symbols are just that, symbols. They are sacred for them of course and needs to be respected by others. But, that does not mean any unintended and occasional transgressions done by others need to be met with aggression. Losing touch with love and being violent is a far bigger transgression than any insults (perceived or otherwise) to any symbols!

In my opinion, losing touch with love and being violent is missing the fundamental expressions of 'god' and hence is equivalent to missing god. Many people get lost in their symbols and forms of worship and hence, the statement, 'when you see the stone, you do not see god' probably applies to theists more than atheists.

* For those who didnt know, in India idol worship is very popular. It is both wonderful and fraught with risk at the same time.

** A recently famous statement in tamil.

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