Monday, August 17, 2009

Independence day

Wishing India a very happy independence day and many more happy years to come. I myself have never recognized the importance of independence day in last 27 years, now being away from her for quite a while, understand the importance of independence, in general. This indian land, where we worship nature as God, celebrating every element like orgin of river to consummation of marriage as a gift of nature, have had such a synchronized wholesome thought for a period of time, that resulted in the form of Yoga. India had given this gift to humanity and will continue to give. Yoga is borne out of love, compassion and sacrifice. There is no special reason it is borne in India, where people had/have these elements.

In my childhood days many people had complained about independence, they say, If British had ruled us, we would have been a developed nation. Thanks, that really did not penetrate me that time. I understand Independence, as self freedom, where no external entity control and tell us to do in its way, rather the own self, which is considered as the source of truth and knowledge to guide one. So this is independence.

My forefathers, brothers and sisters have lost their life and body for us to only feel this independence which they could not years ago. This is sacrifice. I don't know How Iam going to repay to this land and this sacrifice.


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maya seshagiri said...

i concur with the last para of this blog.