Sunday, August 09, 2009

Temple hundi message

Had a small thought experiment today. What would happen if every hundi* in every temple in India had the following notice prominently displayed next to it?
Dear devotee,

The one and only consequence of you dropping money into this hundi for you is that you will become poorer by the amount you just dropped. You will receive absolutely NO benefits whatsoever either materially or spiritually. More specifically, no monetary bonanzas, no betterment at job, no guaranteed placement in heaven etc etc. This money will be used for the maintenance of the temple and the payment of salary for the temple staff. We do not think there is anything illegal or immoral in this mode of spending money.

Thanking you

Presiding deity

* For those who did not know, a hundi is a drop box for money kept in many temples in India. Conventionally, many people have prayers and request for assistance from god when they drop money in it.

PS: Karnataka minister offers Rs 45 cr-worth crown in Tirumala