Sunday, August 23, 2009

Conscious breathing

My technique of conscious breathing was flawed and my teacher fixed it for me recently. I used to think that conscious breathing is merely being aware of every in breath and out breath. By definition, it looks correct. But, when it comes to practice this goes so awry as it is very difficult to maintain this. Our consciousness will stray away from the breath within a few breaths.

A better technique (of course not fool proof, but just better) would be to insert a pause, for about one-third of a second, after every inhale and every exhale.

This way, it is much more likely that we will stay with the breath and is much more easier to detect when we stray. Breathing is such a powerful automatic process that a pause would be possible only if we consciously insert it. The moment we lose consciousness, the pause vanishes! And, the teacher, if he / she is around, gets a chance to kick your ass! :)


Manasi said...

Interesting...will try that next time.

Naveen said...

next time!? try it now girl as you breathe :p

Karthik said...

Arai vaiththiyare, ;)

I remember from an old 'Simplified Physical Exercises' book they used to hold one nostril at a time to exhale and inhale. Is THIS Pranayama, or just a way of doing it?