Monday, September 05, 2011

Chain of responsbility

Lot of people are angry, understandably, with the TATA group for such third rate advertising! The issues at stake hardly need elucidation (Singur / Kalinga Nagar etc)! Besides the responsibility of the organization, I would like to call attention to the responsibility of the actresses who acted in this, the so called 'creative' mind that conceived this ad, the technical people behind it etc. It is true that many of the support cast may be unaware of any details of the ad. Still, they must hold themselves accountable for playing a role in producing such profanity! This is exactly similar to the way we all participate in the presence and continuance of various forms of violence in the world! We are all simultaneously pawns at the hands of the world and simultaneously the masters of the world. We are simultaneously forced to do things we may not agree with or feel is appropriate and simultaneously we are responsible for the very existence of such forces. How, then, are we going to shift from being a pawn to being the master?

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