Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inner stillness like a mountain

When ones body acquires the ability to let matter through, no one can ever hit us. Even if someone attempts to hit us, it will go through and hence after a few attempts, they will be astounded and will stop. Basic laws of physics preclude this from happening. But, except our own ego, nothing can prevent this from happening to our mind. When we absolutely refuse to react internally to any offense or abuse, the abuser will have to stop sooner than later. Typically the abuser feeds on our reaction. When that stops due to our cultivation of inner stillness, the pointlessness of the aggressors actions will dawn on hir and they will stop. For, this one needs to cultivate inner stillness - inner stillness like that of a mountain! Perfect external poise will emerge from that stillness and we will be able to provide increasingly skillful responses to all situations!

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