Friday, September 02, 2011

Inner Seed

When you have accomplished your big dreams, settled down in your family life, have had your share of entertainment, what would you do in your life? Towards what kind of action / living / life will you be propelled (from within)? Therein lies the clues to your discovery of your inner seed. Self actualization involves watering that seed and letting it flower! That is the real you which is waiting fo...r your attention while you are caught up in the million fears and desires of your body and mind. It takes courage to accomplish this after going beyond the countless fears and desires we harbor! Waiting for all the fears and desires to give way for us to reach that seed is akin to waiting for the waves to stop. The one who sees this with clarity is the one who is awakened. How many of us have it in us to listen to our deepest and innermost voice?

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