Saturday, September 03, 2011

Relaxed breathing

When we carry active / residual stress from events of the past or fear from events of the future in our minds, it is usually reflected in the ability to breath in a free and relaxed manner. Observe how babies breathe. Their stomach bulges out on inhale and goes back in on exhale effortlessly. This is the breathing pattern of someone with no stress whatsoever. For most adults though, this is very difficult and the most common reason being the amount of stress they carry within. When asked consciously to inhale, many people pull their stomachs in. Possible indication of stress. Developing the ability to breathe rhythmically at about 6 seconds per inhale and 6 seconds per exhale is a wonderful way to negate that residual stress in our system. That ability is also a good indicator of the mental health of the person.

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