Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inner and outer garbage

Every piece of waste we produce goes to places like these - every chocolate wrapper, every piece of packing material in every single purchase of ours, the waste produced in the manufacturing process of things we consume (which is manifold than the end waste coming after consumer usage) etc etc. Typically the garbage dumps are located near the residences of the extremely poor and the socially marginalized. The air and water in the nearby areas are often critically polluted causing countless diseases to those who are already marginalized and poor. What then is the responsibility of each individual? What do we do about our actions that cause the production of this garbage that goes to places like this, the Kodungaiyur garbage dump in Chennai? Why have our lifestyles become so extraordinarily wasteful and destructive? Why is it acceptable for the rich nations to export their waste (from kitchen waste to nuclear waste) to poorer nations? Even within poorer nations why is it acceptable to have such inequalities? Isnt this external garbage a reflection of the internal garbage?

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