Friday, December 30, 2011

Conversation between Paul Brunton and Kanchi Acharya

A section from an interview of Kanchi acharya (Sri Chandrashekhara Saraswathi) with Paul Brunton in Jan 1931. Caught my eye and hence sharing it :)


Q: If I do not get any results from my personal efforts, will you help me?
A: I am a head of a public institution. Most of my time from dawn to night is spent in the official duties of this institution. Hence, you have to go in search of a Guru who can spend time with you.

Q: I am told that it is very hard to find a real / true Acharya. It is especially difficult for a European to meet such an Acharya?
A: There are true Acharyas in this world and it is possible to meet them.

Q: Then, can you send me to a true Acharya?
A: I know of two such Acharyas. One of them is living in a dense forest in the southern part of this country, but in silence. Very few people can see him and no European has ever seen him so far. I could send you to him, but he might refuse to see you.

Q: I am eager to know about the other person. Who is he?
A: The other person lives in the country. He is jnani and you can seek him.

Q: Can I obtain more information about him?
A: He is called ‘Maharishi’. He lives in the place called Thiruvannamalai situated in the North Arcot district. If necessary, I will give you details to reach him.

Q: I am very much obligated to you. Another person has come to see me from the same place. I have pulled you away for a long time from your numerous and important official duties. Please excuse me for that. Please give me leave.
A: Yes. I presume that you will definitely go to Thiruvannamalai.

Q: I was planning to complete my South India tour today and had already made arrangements to leave tomorrow. What can I do in this situation?
A: You can decide to change your arrangements and leave South India after meeting with Maharishi. Do not worry. Your desires will be fulfilled.

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