Friday, December 30, 2011

Sattva suddhi

The more one enters the zone of Sattva, the clearer the sweet fragrance within can be felt! Getting started is difficult further away but getting it perfect is easy. On the other hand, closer to it, getting started is trivial but getting it perfect is harder! Patanjali says, hitting the point of sattva suddhi (pure sattva), one obtains a constant pleasant disposition, finds it easy to focus, conquers ones senses and eventually becomes eligible to witness ones soul!

Commonly, people do not see the depth of the zone of sattva, hence it might appear to be boring and lifeless. In addition, the common misconception that one end alone can be achieved without its paired opposite on that level provides the energy to continuously struggle to obtain the preferred end! Seeing this clearly helps develop the internal acceptance that being in the zone of sattva is more important that being in the commonly preferred zone. This indeed is the first step in Yoga!

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